Early Intervention (EI) provides coordinated early intervention services to parents of eligible children under the age of three with developmental delays or disabilities.

EI is grounded in the philosophy that young children learn best from familiar people in familiar settings.

Every family served in EI will have a team that consists of a service coordinator, service providers, and your family. Your team works with you in your home or other places you and your family spend time to develop a coordinated plan called an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

You and your team will work through your IFSP plan to use your existing supports and resources—and build upon them—to learn to enhance your child’s learning and development.

Early Intervention utilizes an evidence-based approach to delivering Early Intervention Services called The Primary Service Provider model.

With this model, a team of professionals work together to provide assessment, evaluation, intervention, consultation, and education in order to support children, families, and caregivers.

To learn more about this approach and the team that serves both Hocking and Vinton Counties, view our brochure here:

Funding for Early Intervention is supported by both the Hocking and Vinton County Boards of DD.

To refer yourself or someone you know to Early Intervention, please click here.

For more information about Help Me Grow Early Intervention across the state of Ohio, please visit Ohio Early Intervention.

To reach someone locally with a question for or about EI, email us here.

Hocking County Resource Directory

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