Hocking County Board of DD is committed to providing comprehensive life spanning services for individuals with developmental disabilities. The individuals being served are the cornerstone for these services provided by the Board and shall be promoted through the Board’s commitment as follows:

  • The Hocking County Board of DD offers services through a coordinated and cooperative team effort utilizing the skills and talents of all staff members.
  • Each person is recognized for their worth and value to the community.
  • Each person will be treated in ways that show value, dignity, and respect.
  • Each person deserves equal treatment. This includes equal educational, vocational, and habilitation opportunities. Each person’s physical and mental abilities are different. Equal in this sense does not necessarily mean the “same”.
  • It is recognized that various types of environments are needed for different individuals. Services should be provided in the least restrictive environment on a person-by-person basis. Each person has certain rights – the right to develop, succeed, fail, take risks, make choices, and to have social interaction and meaningful relationships with others.
  • Each person will have the opportunity to develop their capabilities to the fullest potential.
  • The emphasis is a working partnership with the individual, family, and community to provide a well-planned continuum of quality services.
  • Services will be planned according to self-directed choices and needs. This will be accomplished by maximizing community service and by utilizing the natural supports in the individual’s life. Service delivery will be done in a collaborative fashion.
  • Staff will participate in state-of-the-art training and be provided the necessary supports to successfully work with individuals and their families.

We are celebrating over 50 years of Ohio County Boards of DD! Here is a brief history of our program written by former employee John Fraim.

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