The Hocking County Diaper Bank is able to exist due to donations from our community and occasional grants.  Donated items are available to residents of Hocking County (you do not need to be enrolled in any formal program within HCBDD).

As long as there are diapers stocked in the diaper bank, they will be made available to children birth up to 3 years of age.  We strive to provide 50 diapers per month, per child, and a supply of wipes.  This is our response to match statistics shared by the National Diaper Bank to positively impact a family’s budget.  We do not require financial criteria for accessing the diaper bank as everyone, at some point, may find themselves in need.

Information and resources for cloth diapering are made available as well as a Hocking County Resource Directory.

**Hocking County Board of Developmental Disabilities funding does not pay for any supplies for the Hocking County Diaper and Formula Bank.

In the late ’90s, volunteer and Hocking County resident, Vera Gable, spent many hours with Help Me Grow families and employees.  Through her experience, she felt led to organize and actively seek donations of diapers and formula to assist families in Hocking County with basic needs for their little ones.  Early Childhood Department staff are honored to be able to continue this community-wide resource.

Over the years, a variety of donations have been made to the diaper bank from individual community members, Rolling Hills 4-H Group, Antioch Alliance Church, Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, and Rocky Community Improvement Foundation.  We are so grateful to our community!

In February 2021, we met with Jo Walsh of Bottoms Up Diaper Drive.  Visit their website for additional information about their vision and mission.  When local funding and grants have run out, Bottoms Up has recognized The Hocking County Diaper Bank as a Partner Agency and may be able to provide diapers and wipes to our bank to assist with meeting the need in Hocking County.

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