Contact us at 740-385-6805 or e-mail info@hockingdd.org.

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A referral can also be given by contacting us at 740-385-6805 or info@hockingdd.org

Go to dodd.ohio.gov
Click on provider search (under take me to)
Click on how to become a DODD provider (follow directions)
For additional information call Provider Support at 1-800-617-6733 or e-mail them at provider.support@dodd.ohio.gov

Call or email us for what is needed to add you to our Hocking County provider list info@hockingdd.org 740-385-6805

Call or email us for what is needed to add you to our Hocking County provider list info@hockingdd.org 740-385-6805

During business hours call 740-385-6805 and ask to speak to any Service and Support Administrator. After Business hours or weekends or holidays, call the answering service 1-877-316-9841.

Information on MUI/UI

Please stop in the office at 1369 E Front St., Logan to fill out an application and submit a resume online.

Help Me Grow Home Visiting is a free and voluntary program that helps give families the skills and knowledge they need to make the best decisions regarding their child’s health and education. The program includes personal visits; group connections; health, vision, hearing and developmental screenings; and connects families to community resources and services.

You are your child’s first and most influential teacher. Experiences between birth and age 3 significantly affect a child’s long-term emotional and psychological health. You have the power to influence and shape your child’s experiences. The early experiences your baby or toddler has are shaping the way their brain will learn and react to life.

  • Help you have a healthy pregnancy
  • Provide you with information about your child’s development
  • Connect you with other helpful services
  • Teach you parenting skills and how to be the best parent you can be

Call us and we will lead you through the process to sign up for this FREE program. Once you are signed up, our program consists of five steps.

  1. We LISTEN to your concerns.
  2. We IDENTIFY your gaps, barriers and needs.
  3. We CONNECT you to the resources and services your child and family needs.
  4. We BUILD you a support network.
  5. We PROVIDE your child and family the opportunity to grow strong and healthy.
  • Pregnant women or families with a child under 3
  • First time parents
  • Must meet Help Me Grow income and family guidelines

Call 740-380-1315 or 1-877-301-BABY (2229).

If you would like more information about our services please contact us at 740-385-6805 

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