Superintendent’s Office

Jill Squires, Superintendent
Brianne Chambers, Assistant to the Superintendent
Carol Cook, Receptionist

Community Services and Supports Department (SSA)

Tammy Norway, SSA Director
Angela Hall, SSA Department Assistant
Beth Hackney, SSA
Angie Boyle, SSA, MUI Contact, Quality Assurance,
Lesley Justice, SSA
Jess Underwood, SSA
Stacy Harden,SSA
Sarah Bragg, SSA
Abby Adams, SSA, Behavior Support
Brandon Sufronko, SSA

Finance Department

Karon Fisher, Director of Finance
Kathy Gerken, Coordinator of Admin Services
T.J. Mumford, Budget Specialist


Steve Weese, Maintenance

Early Childhood Department

Michele Hipple, Director of Early Childhood Program
Carrie Robers, EI Service Coordinator
Annabelle Bender, Developmental Specialist
Andrea Clary, Early Childhood SSA
Talon Drummer, EI Service Coordinator/Developmental Specialist

Help Me Grow
Misty Tigner, HMG Home Visiting Supervisor
Jayne Shipman, Home Visitor
Sheila Bond, Home Visitor
Tiffiany Harvey, Home Visitor
Andrea Barrows, Home Visitor

If you would like more information about our services please contact us at 740-385-6805 ext 227

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