Service and Support

Marsha Mace

What a great video! Marsha is so very lucky to be part of the Shepler’s family and to have her SSA Beth Hackney.  Please click here to watch, and if you would like information about shared living please feel free to call us at 740-385-6805.



The Service and Support Administration Office is mandated by the Ohio Revised Code 5123:2-1-11 to provide services to people within Hocking County who have a diagnosis of a developmental disability. The Service and Support Administrators Office is located at the Hocking County Board of DD, 1369 East Front Street, Logan, Ohio.

Service and Support services focus on supporting, empowering, and advocating with and for individuals. Services provided through the Service and Support process are person-centered. County Board Service and Support Administrators support individuals in determining and pursing life goals, working with families, guardians, and natural supports to access, provide, and/or enlist whatever support is needed in any life area, including protective intervention; and maintaining the individual as the focus while coordinating services across multiple systems.

Services provided by Service and Support Administrators may include the following activities:

  • Advocacy
  • Service and Support Coordinators needs assessment
  • Service coordination and linkage
  • Individual services monitoring
  • Coordinate Investigation of abuse and neglect issues
  • Crisis intervention, available 24 hours for immediate emergency intervention
  • Service monitoring
  • Major and unusual incident review and assessment
  • Information and referral
  • For information on eligibility requirements click here.

If you would like more information about our services please contact us at 740-385-6805 ext 227.